Technology Simply Explained

We Strive to build an art practice that...

Open Source Art Tools

Beginner's mind: Programming and Patching and Synthesizing

Xzone and D.I.T. Virtual Autonomous Zones

Some brainstorming about Fantasy Consoles

Some experiments in chatrooms, spreadsheet parties and multi-user internet spaces

Search Engines, Platforms and the Past and Future of A Personally-mapped Internet

One-Dimensional Dungeons

Stagings of Home: Walking Simulators, Memory Palaces, Public Exhibitions

Obscure Instructions

Learning Communities: Juntos, Woodsheds, Trainwrecks, assemblies, Academies

Git For Misfits (and artists)

My year of code sketching with CSS, WEBGL and p5.js

Tune In, Turn On Internet Radio

Pomelo, my Yoko Ono Grapefruit Generator for NaNoGenMo and 2 more

Creative Tool Microcommunities

How We Organized Processing Community Day NYC

Computers to Community Memory

Some Black Squares


Chess Variants and Inspiration, Mechanical Turk, and Computer Chess

Browser Extensions, Personal Viruses and Digital Cut-Ups

You Must Make and Play Games

Music For Flow States

Strangerfy Web Starter

Generative Art Systems

Chatbots: Principles, Methods, Ethics - a Noncomprehensive Reading List



Hi Desktop Diary

Jekyll code snippets and links

Appropriation, A Reading List

Paint-Em-Up digital drawing software

Arcade Cabinets and inspiration

How small organizations and artists can work with big institutions

Mapping The Cloud Commune

Pico8 Lua cheatsheet

The Golden Record

Talking Collaborative Digital Painting With Jeffrey

Prof. Dr. Style

Start : my Digital Sketchbook


Terrible Interfaces

Rogue School