Generative Art Systems

19 Feb 2018

Two-minute read

Generative Art, Music and Writing

A non-comprehensive but broad overview of generative art (and music and writing) systems. Generative art is work created based on the use of systems to generate part of or complete works of art. These systems take on the role of creator or otherwise independently produce works without direct supervision of an artist-creator. Many systems rely on chance operations or data as input that directs or influence the creation of the work so that each iteration or runthrough of the system may generate a new and unique work.

Pre-modern generative music

Mozart’s instructions

“To compose, without the least knowledge of music, so many German waltzes or ländler as one pleases, by throwing a certain number with two dice.”

Early Audio Technology

Music Created With Generative Methods

Generative Visual Art

Generative Writing

Generative performance system

Generative Software


Software Methods

Machine Learning