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Pennsyltucky screenshot
Self-Doubting System screenshot
Self-Doubting System
232henley screenshot
messlife screenshot, a top down view of an abstract floor of cut up quilts with a warehouse roof in green and purple in the center.
Screenshot from Context Collapsed showing distorted glitched images and text all collapsed inward into the center of the image with a partial-viewable image of a suburban house in the center with glitches all around in many colors.
Context Collapsed
Screengrab from the 'punk' NaNoGenMo project Technology Simply Explained, a book consisting of nonsense descriptions of how to repair technologies. In this page How to Repair Geodesic Domes the first instruction is to Attentively force module. More non-sequitor instructions and an inscrutable illustration and diagram, labeled ratchet V. and img. 66 respectively, follow.
Technology Simply Explained
A screenshot of the Exocolony landing page showing white text on blue background. The letters in the word Exocolony are zalgo text with trange dropped and and extended symbols attached to the letter looking like an alien script.
A screenshot of the video Distances. A black and white image, washed out, people standing on a boat, overlaid on water.
A screenshot of a page from Pomelo with the section title Object and two instruction pieces, Piece for Discovery and Leg Level Piece.
A screenshot of the Gas Gallery website showing a parked black truck with painted hubcaps and the title GAS painted on the side.
Gas Gallery Archive
A screenshot of a balding man reclining, speaking into a microphone with orange cover, embedded on top of a live screenshot of a videogame (Grand Theft Auto V) with their character's back to us, looking at a virtual pond with palm trees surrounding.
Lost Angeles
A screenshot of the chockablock Experimental Archive Space website with photographs, drawings, sculpture and flyer scattered all over and the art space name Space 1026 in top left.
Archiving Artist-Run Spaces
A photo of a crowd of hundreds of people for Processing Community Day NYC 2020
Processing Community Day NYC
A screenshot from virtual Xzone with a pixelated image of Tufelsberg dome, a doorway and two black and white heads
A screenshot of the Babycastles Academy website page showing previous workshops Introduction to Audio Synthesis with Machine Learning, DIY Scene Design and 3d Modeling, Email!, The Software Blues, Strike The Earth, and A Friendly Introduction to Writing Proposals and Grants
Babycastles Academy
Three people in a row are looking on at laptops. The person on the right (Lee) is typing.
Web World and Cooperative Computing
A screenshot of a videogame showing a top down view of a studio apartment in pixelated chunky 8bit. A person stands near a desk in bottom center. To the left is a big bed. To the right is a bathroom. At the top is a kitchen and dining area.
Sleeping Through the Pandemic
A pixelated and overscanned 8bit videogame with the title Dungeon of Eyeballs at the top and a pink and blue tiled dungeon with Eyeball characters scattered throughout.
Puzzlescript Studies
A screenshot of a heavily marked up image of a studio with a computer on a table and Lee's head on the left and lots of digital drawing on top.
Everyday code sketches