Rogue School

30 Aug 2017

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Rogue school

I’ve been wanting to organize workshops on art and tech, to teach and to learn. I’ve led workshops, taught classes, and put together public programs for maybe a dozen years now. That’s crazy. And I guess I’ll always want to do this. Maybe I most identify with self-learning and group learning. I love having one-off classes and then going off to continue to explore on my own and with others. I participated in the School For Poetic Computation, and learned a ton and met lots of great friends and collaborators through that. I also used to lead workshops at The Hacktory in Philly, and occasionally at museums and other arts organizations I worked for. I still do this. Recently I co-taught a class on building your own DIY Linux computer with found parts, supported by Side Street Projects in Pasadena. I have a studio/office/space in Chinatown in LA and I think it’s a good time to revive forming these learning communities.


There’s a bunch more, but these are the most immediate for me.

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