Paint-Em-Up digital drawing software

27 Jan 2018

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UPDATE: 2018-02-04 I made a Paint-Em-Up 2player digital painting software/game thing, and presented it at Coaxial Arts. A demo is up. Arrow keys and WASD are controls.

painting screenshot

Painting Programs && code

Digital Painting

Iā€™m working with J.A.S. to make (build?) some new painting performance projects - games, perforamnce tools, hardware.

Just stumbled across the old Action Painting game and Action Painting Pro. The v1 is better.

I made a painting interactive software thing, even less game-like. Rough demo is here and the code here. Iā€™m going to use it as a starter code to make more stuff.



Need multiple keypresses to be recognized at once? function keyPressed() is not your friend as it has a limitation to how many keys can be identified. keyIsDown() can check if a key is currently down.


function draw(){
    if (keyIsDown(DOWN_ARROW)) {
    	y += 5;
    if (keyIsDown(UP_ARROW)) {
    	y -= 5;
    if (keyIsDown(RIGHT_ARROW)) {
    	x += 5;
    if (keyIsDown(LEFT_ARROW)) {
    	x -= 5;