đź‘˝ Lee Tusman



Xzone workshop was co-organized and led with artist Daniel Lichtman. We created a D.I.T. (“Do It Together”) 2D networked online meeting place based on the metaphor of a virtual temporary autonomous zone. In this workshop we led participants to create a networked graphical community meeting space based on this concept, including creating avatars, room interiors and interactive objects, inspired by physical spaces such as the squat, loft, community space, or campsite.


Xzone was co-organized and built with Daniel Lichtman. Xzone online is a fork of Likelike Online, by Molleindustria.


Xzone - A Do It Together platform for online community-making September 12, 2020, Our Networks conference. Growing Our Networks in Uncertain Times↔Places. Toronto, Canada. Online.


Workshop Notes