👽 Lee Tusman

Web World and Cooperative Computing / Freewrite: Web Jam Session


Anders Visti (Code & Share Aarhus[]) and Lee Tusman (Flux Factory) co-organized this workshop, an introduction for artists and creative practitioners and those new to building websites, or a radical re-introduction to those with previous experience.

The workshop included an examination of the web’s history, including early browsers and net.art to contemporary approaches to web design and creating online space.

We started with the basics of creating a website with HTML and CSS, and worked with participants to construct their own online homes. Along the way we cover semantic HTML, brutalist design, hosting, resilient and simple approaches to creating long-lasting spaces, and new protocols and online communities exploring web minimalism, permacomputing and the ‘slow web’ movement.

Our second session Freewrite: Web Jam Session followed from our first workshop. In this session we covered more advanced CSS territory to build unique, experimental, maxi or minimalist sites for homepages, art experiments and more. In addition, we spent more time with ‘smol’ computing, Gemini protocol, webrings, and web-zines. The workshop concluded with presentations and the creation of a webzine.


Web World and Cooperative Computing - August 4, 2022. ARoS Public. ARoS Museum. Aarhus, Denmark.

Freewrite: Web Jam Session - August 13, 2022. Mixr. Aarhus, Denmark.


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