👽 Lee Tusman

Lost Angeles


Lost Angeles is a collaboration with Derm "PasticheOfSkin" McGuigan of Ireland. McGuigan actively streams his own games and playthroughs on the live-streaming videogame website Twitch.TV to an online audience.

In Lost Angeles, McGuigan became a virtual flanêur, attempting to tour the virtual recreated city of Los Angeles as portrayed in the videogame world of Grand Theft Auto. His adventures and live commentary are improvised explorations, informed by tourist guides, websites and online articles.

"i gave the whole thing an arc. from Confused bewilderment and displacement at its beginning, to making use and sense of the world, to Natural discovery and delights in finding the Hollywood stars on the boulevard, Chinese threatre, the Flamingo boating lake as well as a personal favourite the LA 'River' seeing the pleasures in the manmade but lyberinthine city juxtaposed by a final ejection from the city in a dark loop of suicide and reincarnation via foolish choices to basejump from the Hollywood sign topped off with a succesfull jump from the top of the mountain after sharing a personal tale of triumpth closing on a still Nature shot in the last 10 minutes with little to no interruption as time lapses from dusk to deep night and ends with the game Ejecting me from the reality due to 'Idling'"-- --Derm 'PasticheOfSkin' McGuigan


UCLA DMA Fall MFA Exhibition Fall 2017. New Wight Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.


Scholar Zena Bibler's essay 'The Flaneuse in the Virtual City: Exploring 'Lost Angeles'