👽 Lee Tusman

Babycastles Academy

2019 - 2022

In 2019 I became a co-organizer of Babycastles art space. Babycastles was a Manhattan-based game and media arts artist-run space and collective, one of the only spaces like this in the world. I served as a co-organizer of the space, responsible for event programming, gallery organizing, public programs and fundraising. My core roles were founding and receiving financial support to start Babycastles Academy bi-monthly workshops program, and founding and raising financial support to start ___-in-Residency, an artist-in-residency program. I organized 32 Babycastles Academy workshops relating to artist-focused game development, world-building and the intersection of art and technology. While we’ve found success as an artist-run space dedicated to games, we’ve always been proud to be representative of a broader community that is not always represented by the Game Industry. Our workshops aimed to serve this broad community of individuals of many intersectional identities across gender, race, class, age, ability. I wrote two grants resulting in receiving financial support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and continued annual support from the city.


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