Coral Remains (Styrofoam Sanchez)

CORAL REMAINS (formerly Styrofoam Sanchez) is a post industrial sound and sculptural installation personifying the trash island in the pacific gyre.


aLIENSLANG audiograffiti - urban sound drawings emerging from cassette tapes deployed in city spaces corresponding to constellation location points on the street map.

Dilated Ears

"The Dilatedears portion is a collection of synthesis experiments, clock division explorations, live processing experiments and blip fractal beatstrumentals in ambient forests of electric evergreens."


Nerfbau = Jsun McCarty and Michael Daddona, sculptors of sound wave and physical forms. Nerfbau have performed at The UC Berkeley Museum of Art, San Francisco’s International Noise Conference, Brutal Sound Effects Festival, Noise Pancakes, and Ratskin Explastical Monthly. They have performed on live radio with 90.7 KALX Berkeley, and 90.3 KUSF in San Francisco and NPR (Southern Exposure Gallery SF). Nerfbau have collaborated with MATMOS, Mummers (EType), Bonus Beast, Arachnid Arcade and toured with Laetitia Sonami, Caroliner Rainbow, Laundry Room Squelchers, Deletist, Winters In Osaka, Thomas Dimuzio, Vertonen, Justice Yeldham and many more.


"San Francisco's no-wave, noise, rock annoyances Sabreteeth. Scratchy broken riffs, primal howls, and proto drumming, all mixed to shatter windows."

Salsa Pile and other projects

Ratskin Records

Documenting Dynamic Sonic Existence In The Bay Area and Beyond Since 200000005. Noise , Industrial, electro-Acoustic, Grind, EBM, Synth Music, Soundtrack, harsh noise, a tonal, art projects


Experimental music podcast