Class 6 notes - Ubiquitous Computing

In this class

  • set-up for presentations
    • last-minute emergencies, bug fixes, fires, etc
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • The Stack!

Set-up for public presentations of Dream Machines!

  • set up your Dream Machine project
  • place manual
  • finished? Help a neighbor!
  • presentation!

Demo and Presentations! 4pm!

  • Stand-up Presentation! We will have visitors!
  • What is your project title and concept?
  • How does it work?
  • Demonstrate it
  • Ways to extend the project
  • NOT PART OF THE PRESENTATION: What is it supposed to do if you got it to work as you originally intended.

Ubiquitous Computing and The Stack

The Stack
–from The Stack, Benjamin Bratton, MIT Press

A comprehensive political and design theory of planetary-scale computation proposing that The Stack—an accidental megastructure—is both a technological apparatus and a model for a new geopolitical architecture. –Benjamin Bratton, The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty

Homework Reading and Response

Pick 2 to read from the below and write a response

Homework Writing Response

  • Write a 1/2 page/approx 500 word reading response to your chosen essays. Address your understanding of ubiquitous computing, its limitations/downsides, and any upsides. You may address any other topics that came up such as our roles as learners, creators, artists, programmers, technologists.

Project 2

Begin brainstorming your collaborative project.

  • What tools and equipment do you need?
  • What resources will you use?
  • What do you need to learn?