Installation Options



  • Use this for a dead simple drag and drop program to flash an operating system onto a SD card


  • a block-based drag and drop way to set up your Raspberry Pi operating system with some good basic configurations

Additional and Advanced installation options - The Raspberry Pi Foundation’s page links to instructions for Mac, PC, Linux and ChromeOS. dd is a command-line program to write disk images to an external drive. Be careful! Don’t overwrite your own hard drive!

Note: The Raspberry Pi foundation has a piece of software called NOOBS that is designed for installing an operating system. I think both Etcher and PiBakery are easier, but you’re welcome to try it.

Learn Linux

Linux Fu linux tutorials

Setting up your Pi

Info on raspi-config, the text-and-menus Text User Interface, aka TUI, that pops up the first time you start up Raspbian.

Setting up networking

Command Line

The Terminal - Working with the command line is pretty essential to do any sort of customization on your Raspberry Pi. And the skills you learn there can be transferred to any Mac or other Linux computer.

Camera Module

Camera module documentation

Installing software with Apt

Documentation on Apt package manager

Project Documentation/Tutorials

Alexa Pi

Raspberry Pi printer Server

Raspberry Pi IRC Server

Control GPIO pin LED lights with Websockets

Wifi WalkieTalkie

FullPage OS displays a web browser fullpage at boot.

Raspberry Pi as Low Cost Surveillance

Raspberry Pi tablet


Adafruit sells an unbelievable amount of Raspberry Pi and accessories. They ship pretty fast.

Tinkersphere is a robot, Raspberry Pi and hobby store located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Useful when you need something TODAY.

MicroCenter is a mega electronics and computer store with a pretty good Raspberry Pi selection. They have 3 locations in New York including Flushing, Yonkers, and Brooklyn.

Additional Resources

The Raspberry Pi Foundation maintains both help guides as well as forums for questions and conversations

The Raspbian website dedicated to the operating system.

Hackaday, while not exclusively on Raspberry Pi maintains an active site with links to outstanding projects and uses.

Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi tutorials showcase a large number of projects.

Recurse Center User Manual has great social rules and ideas on learning.

This Mesh We’re In article on local mesh networks