Class 1 notes - Intro to Tiny Computing


Big Questions

What will we learn in this class?

What do we mean by Tiny Computing?

What is Raspberry Pi?

What do i want to learn?

How will the class be structured?

What is a computer?


What is the history of computers?

Example Projects:

Dan Macnish - Draw This

Dan Macnish - Draw This

Trevor Paglen and Jacob Appelbaum - Autonomy Cube

Simonne Jones - SOTU



Raspberry Pi surveillance system

Raspberry pi surveillance


Piratebox or Offline Digital Library


Piratebox site


  1. Install the Raspbian operating system on your Raspberry Pi. Boot it up. Configure networking. Open a web browser and access a website.
  2. Writing assignment: Write a paragraph or two about your goals for the course. Why did you sign up for the class? What are you interested in learning? What are you confused about? What are you excited about? These are just example questions. Feel free to touch on other topics.
  3. Reading and writing assignment: Read Alan Kay’s 1968 paper A Personal Computer For Children of All Ages where he proposes a Dynabook. After reading, consider the present state of our personal laptops, tablets and phones. In a few paragraphs describe in what ways we have realized or failed to achieve Kay’s vision.