I teach workshops and classes on network media, creative coding, machine learning, art and activism, games as art practice, web media and other topics. Materials and curriculum from these classes are generally placed online and available free to use or adapt.

If you would like me to lead or organize a workshop or class or have any questions on the materials linked here please contact me.


Intermediate Programming - Woodbury University - Spring 2018
Reading And Writing The Web - University of Southern California - Spring 2018
Creative Coding For The Web - University of Southern California - Fall 2017
Reading and Writing The Web - University of Southern California - Fall 2017
Programming Creative Applications - Loyola Marymount University - Fall 2017
Network Media - UCLA - Summer 2017
Web Media - Moore College Of Art - Spring 2015

Nosebook digital notebook

Beginner-friendly tools for creating videogames
Strangerfy, a framework for overlaying p5js (processing) art projects on webpages with good text/style defaults
Chatbots: Principles, Methods, Ethics - a Noncomprehensive Reading List
Appropriation, A Reading List
Typetype, a dead-simple web-based themed writing pad


Intermediate Programming tutorials and notes created for Intermediate Programming - Woodbury - Spring 2018
Create an API with Express - Spring 2018
Intro to Alexa Skills - Spring 2018
Creating a simple twitter bot with NodeJS - Spring 2018
Intro to Git and GitHub - Spring 2018
Intro to Linux and the command line - Spring 2018
Publish your website with GitHub pages - Spring 2018
What is HTML, CSS, Javascript and the DOM - Spring 2018
Javascript, a brief re-introductory overview - Spring 2018
Working with JSON data - The Basics - Spring 2018
Editors and IDEs - Spring 2018
Using Google Fonts in your sites - Spring 2018
A Directory of Web-based Drawing Tools - Spring 2017
Creating A Slideshow / Digital Picture Frame Using Raspberry Pi - Winter 2015


Radical DIY Computing - Side Street Projects - Winter 2017
Intro To Twine - Branching Narrative - NYU ITP Camp - Summer 2015
Divination and Chance Operations - NYU ITP Camp - Summer 2015
Intro to Twitter Bots - NYU ITP Camp - Summer 2015
Intro To the Command Line - NYU ITP Camp - Summer 2015

Decentralized DAT Network

Requires Beaker Browser
Chatbots, A Syllabus


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