Creative Tool Microcommunities

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slide 1

Babycastles art space - an IRL experimental space and supportive community for exploring art and games

slide 2

Ennuigi by Travis Millard, made in Pico-8

slide 3

Pico-8's editor, by Lexaloffle

slide 4

Pico-8's online forum

slide 5

Microtools encourage creation through improvisation and play

slide 6

Sandspiel by Max Bittker

slide 7

Sandspiel Notre Dame fire simulation

slide 8

Inspiring micro-tools are easy to begin using and intuitive to use

slide 9

Puzzlescript by Steven Increpare Lavelle

slide 10

Puzzlescript's Editor and Little Language, with helpful clone/hack feature

slide 11

There's a benefit to defined space (virtual, conceptual) with constructive limiting constraints

slide 12

Sok-Stories by SokPop Collective - and a sok-story I made

slide 13

Sok-Stories visual editor

slide 14

Sok-Stories share page - Straitforward, no commenting, no trolling

slide 15

Bitsy by Adam LeDoux

slide 16

Jess Eddy's Careful It's Wet In Outerspace(LEFT) and MiloSoft's Omen (RIGHT)

slide 17

Bitsy Games piggyback on infrastructure for distributing/sharing games in a community

slide 18

With these tools, there is intention that community members are co-supporting caretakers

slide 19

The community of Glorious Trainwrecks

slide 20

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