simple 1dimensional hunt the wumpus for microsoft microbit, not optimized!

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Hunt The Wimpus

A very simple 1dimensional Hunt The Wumpus adaptation for the BBC MicroBit. I tried out the block-based editor and jumped back and forth between that and the javascript editor, though this is not a normal form of javascript.

Graphics were selected or drawn in the blocks image pixel-drawing editor.



Note: You can play an emulated version of the hardware in the browser here. (A) Left and (B) Right buttons to move. Click the shake button before A or B to load your arrow.

You are a Hunter dropped somewhere in the 1dimensional 12spaces dungeon. The dungeon is a giant circle. In other words, when you get to the end it loops back around to the other side. In addition to you there is a Wimpus, a Pit, and 2 Bats. You have one arrow in which to slay the Wimpus, so use it wisely or else you’ll be eaten…

Move right or left with the A or B button. When you’re ready to shoot your arrow, shake the Microbit and then press left or right to shoot your arrow. You must be exactly one space away and shooting in the correct direction. Good luck! If you miss, you’re dead.

Bats: Landing on a bat will transport you randomly to another location in the dungeon. There is no warning prior to you land on a bat. When you see the bat it means you’ve been picked up and transported somewhere new.

Pit: Walk into a pit and you fall to your death. You will feel a slight draft when you are one space away, your only warning.

Wimpus: The Wimpus is deadly. You will see a bloody floor 1 and 2 spaces away from the Wimpus.

Note that a space could have multiple things in it: blood, bat and/or pit.


Beautiful 5x5 pixel graphic display

You, a Wimpus hunter


The Wimpus hunter at the start, full of blood and heart

hunter's heart

The hunter walks right

Hunter walking right

The hunter walks left

Hunter walking left

A Bat, who must have just picked you up and dropped you somewhere



“You feel a breeze” aka Pit nearby


“Bloody floor” aka Wimpus nearby



You fell in a pit && you’re dead

fell in a pit

A dead Hunter, slain by a Wimpus

dead hunter

Note: there are other graphics as well, but the Wimpus resists documentation. (If you stopped to photograph/draw it, you’d be eaten!)

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